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  jpo77 06:57 10 Apr 2008

Hi everyone,
I have a huge amount of messages related to my business. If some hacker steal my personal data, it will be the end to my business. I want to protect my messages from malicious software. Anybody have any suggestions on this issue? Any reply is welcome... Thank you!

  Forum Editor 18:27 10 Apr 2008

is to back up your critical business data to some form of removable media, such as CDs/DVDs/Flash drives etc., and store the backup off-site.

Alternatively, if the size of your business warrants it, you can back up your data down a dedicated line to a specialised data storage centre, where it will be retained under secure conditions.

Either way, there's no reason at all why your data should be vulnerable to hackers, or any other form of online threat.

  wee eddie 19:20 10 Apr 2008

That's how I read the messages bit anyway. That's way outside my limited knowledge base.

  jpo77 06:48 11 Apr 2008

Thank you for replies,
I have already considered the case of backupping the data. In the first case it is fussy to carry with me all removable media, and it seems expensive the second case. I'll be more exact I am looking for some software that would encrypt my mail messages.
Sorry for my ambiguity

  wee eddie 07:43 11 Apr 2008

Feed the word "encrypt" into Google.

Some of the AV Programs also have Propriety Encryption Software as I remember. Why not check out the one that you use.

  Forum Editor 18:36 11 Apr 2008

on a computer's hard drive, and nowhere else, you are taking a huge risk - whether the messages are encrypted or not makes no difference. It isn't hackers you need to worry about, it's the risk of losing the computer, or having it stolen. You'll even be in trouble if the hard drive fails - data recovery specialists are very expensive.

I strongly advise you to stop worrying about encryption and start thinking about a proper back-up policy.

  irishrapter 23:04 11 Apr 2008

Don't know about email encryption except maybe PGP click here

If you are looking for hard drive encryption for the likes of external hard drives, USB disk etc then try TrueCrypt click here
Its free and is probably the best encryption software out there!

  nros 07:35 14 Apr 2008

try e-Capsule Private Mail, it encrypts the messages as you asked, not the files. But the methods in the above is effective too.

  jpo77 06:36 16 Apr 2008

thank you nros,
I googled that Private Mail and found it. It seems good...but...

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