Encrypted files by Cryptolocker

  Loredan Sologon 16:46 23 Dec 2016

Hello all, I need to find a viable solution in order to recover ASAP affected encrypted files by Cryptolocker. Any advise please?! Thanks in advance.

  rdave13 17:03 23 Dec 2016

Trend Micro have a Ransom-ware decryptor tool that might help. click here.

  lotvic 17:13 23 Dec 2016

AFAIK law enforcement took out the CryptoLocker server infrastructure in 2014 but many variants soon appeared. (blogs.sophos.com/tag/cryptolocker/)

also click here malwaretips.com and read the full page for the information and some suggested choices (don't click on any adverts, I've got an adblocker so don't see all of them, therefore be careful)

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