Encrypted File

  raliy2k 01:13 21 Jan 2008

Before I reformatted my computer I had an encrypted Microsoft Word file with some important data. Encrypted through the file properties.

After the format I can no longer access this file. Is there a way around this? It will save me weeks to get those data back.

  rawprawn 07:25 21 Jan 2008

which encryption program did you use. If it was something like AxCrypt and you can remember the password, reinstall the program.
I am assuming your encrypted document was on a backup disc and not formatted.

  raliy2k 21:36 21 Jan 2008

I did not use an Encryption software. It was just the simple Windows XP integrated encryption from the file properties.

  Burpie 23:33 21 Jan 2008

This won't help you now, but have a read through for reference. click here

This might help you now, but it depends. click here

Scroll down a bit and look at the table that describes the method of reinstalling.

If, in your case, the answer is anything except No.1, then the links to recovery software (pay for) might work.
Microsoft offer a recovery service too (pay for).

There's also the hacking option using a hex editor- you'll have to decide for yourself if that's the way you want to go.

  [email protected] 00:01 22 Jan 2008

How did formatting the computer make you forget the password?

The encryption can be broken with software but your best method is to try all the passwords that you might have used. Although not recommended, most people use a small selection of passwords for everything. I think I only use about 20 passwords myself.

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