encoding problem

  jaygice 18:07 16 Sep 2003

can anyone help encoded this movie from avi but there is no sound i have taken the sound put it on the one with no sound with tmpgenc worked fine now gone to split it into 2 parts one part is ok but the second is out of sync it only does this when put through tmpgenc any ideas anyone

  jaygice 13:16 17 Sep 2003

is there anyone who can help me outthere

  MichelleC 15:14 17 Sep 2003

From the avi have you separated audio and video files so that when you import into tmpgenc they come from different sources?

  mark500 15:35 17 Sep 2003

click here
Read this list of guides. They will help you in your quest.

  jaygice 16:00 17 Sep 2003

been and done everything on there mark the prob is i encode all the film no probs now when i split them 4 some reason its allways the second part thats out of sync it seems to be when i split it tryed avi2vcd program but thats no good is there a guide for this program i tell you 3 LONG DAYS TRYING TO DO THIS

  mark500 18:12 17 Sep 2003

click here Here is a guide for you.

  JFT 18:59 17 Sep 2003

The problem you have is down to the fact that TMPGenc cant encode audio from AVI files very well.Your best bet is to extract the AVI's audio with VDub,saving it as a WAV.You then start up TMPGenc and spcify the video source as your original AVI and the audio source as the WAV you extracted, this should cure your sync probs.
click here for guide on VDub and click here for TMPGenc guide.
Ps VDub is freeware available from click here

  jaygice 10:39 18 Sep 2003

thank you for that one jft i will give it a go and post back later

  jaygice 12:04 18 Sep 2003

hi again done that jft but it is still out of sync slightly how can i put it right

  JFT 16:55 18 Sep 2003

this is where things get slightly complicated your best bet is to check out click here.
Hope this helps, if you are still having problems just repost , i will keeo an eye out.

  JFT 17:00 18 Sep 2003

That should be "I will keep an eye out."

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