Enabling ICS without a floppy drive????

  skylark101 07:41 06 Jan 2010

I'm trying to enable Internet Connection Sharing using a desktop running XP home with internet connection and crossover cable, and a laptop with Vista home premium as client, but when trying to set this up using network connection wizard I am asked to insert a floppy disk in the drive to create a setup disk for use on the client laptop, Thing is, who the **** has a floppy drive these days, and there seems to be no way around it, it has to be a floppy, and nothing else, not a cd not a flash drive!! can anyone help me out here, before I resolve the situation with a very large hammer!

  mgmcc 11:13 06 Jan 2010

You *DON'T NEED* to transfer anything to the Client PC for it to use the ICS connection. Simply connect it to the Host PC, either by crossover ethernet cable or with an Ad Hoc wireless network, and ensure that its network adapter is set to get its IP and DNS Server addresses automatically.

When you enable ICS on the actual internet connection (modem connection) in the Host PC, Windows will allocate the IP address to the network adapter with which you're connecting to the Client PC. The Client then gets its addresses by DHCP from the Host PC.

Because ICS uses the Subnet (i.e. the Host PC's adapter has the address and the Client gets an address between and it is important that, if you're using a Router, it doesn't also operate in this Subnet (IP address range). As you are using ICS though, presumably there isn't a router involved and you have a USB ADSL Modem?

  skylark101 17:56 06 Jan 2010

Thanks mgmcc, I'll give that a try.

  woodchip 19:15 06 Jan 2010

Use a UB stick or SD Memory card, though you can buy a USB Floppy drive as I did for my Laptop

  mgmcc 20:20 06 Jan 2010

>>> Use a UB stick or SD Memory card, though you can buy a USB Floppy drive as I did for my Laptop

What for? There is absolutely no need to transfer anything from the Host PC to the Client in order to set up ICS.

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