Enabling DMA

  The Lenge 15:27 17 Aug 2003

Every so often, I have to re-install 'VIA 4in1 Service Pack Driver' from my Mainboard Utility CD, otherwise I can't use my DVD drive. Once it's installed, the DVD drive works fine, for a while. Then, suddenly, it stops working and I'm told to 'enable' DMA.
The Device ManagerDMA, suggests that is enabled.
What can I do to get it to remain 'enabled'?
The Lenge

  Djohn 16:18 17 Aug 2003

To enable a device
Open Device Manager.

Double-click the type of device that you want to enable.
Right-click the specific device you want, and then click Enable.

If it is already shwn as "Enabled" then that is correct, you will only see the "option" to enable if the device is not enabled in the first instance.

  Barrie_G 16:45 17 Aug 2003

Device Manager / IDE ATA/APTPI controllers /

  Barrie_G 16:48 17 Aug 2003

Right click on the IDE channel that you have th problems with, Properties / advanced settings, then select the option that you require.

sorry about the split post, itchy mouse finger.

  The Lenge 17:40 17 Aug 2003

I already said that it is enabled in the Device Manager, but I still have to re-install the 'Via 4in1 Sevice pack Driver' and 'enable' DMA to work the DVD drive. As I said it is spamodic.

  The Lenge 22:35 17 Aug 2003

I must make myself clearer, with regard to the VIA 4in1 CD. During the installation of 'VIA 4in1 Service Pack Driver' there is a box to tick to enable DMA. Once it is installed, the DVD works fine, for a while, then I have to install '4in1', again. It is still 'enabled' in Device manager.
DMA is already acknowledged as enabled, in Device Manager, all the time.

  The Lenge 19:00 18 Jun 2006

Thos problem has been solved.

  LimestoneRock 17:14 11 Aug 2006

How did you cure the problem? Mine was showing P10 in Device Manager etc, I changed transfer mode to DMA where available but the section below stays showing as current transfer mode P10 and I cannot alter it.

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