Enabling Cookies

  [DELETED] 00:11 04 Dec 2003

Two of my web sites require I store cookies to provide a link name but are'nt able to do as they respond (you must enable cookies on your PC)
Went to Windows explorer and options/advanced/security and ticked cookies box, then apply.
But no change , still get same response from the web sites.
Windows temp files are actively being used (is that where cookies are stored ?)
Help !

  [DELETED] 02:48 04 Dec 2003

C:\Windows\Cookies in 98SE.

Sometimes you need to close/ reopen your browser for configs to take effect.

  cetlab 07:34 04 Dec 2003

honda5 Try help button it gives you loads of information how to turn on cookies.Or try this
>internet options >privacy tab >advanced >override privacy settings, hope this helped me in X.P.

  [DELETED] 23:55 04 Dec 2003

dcdc and cetlab
Thanks for input - solved via IE tools/security/custom settings/cookies/enable
Thanks again

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