Enabling a CD-Rom to play DVD-Rom's

  dogster 11:23 14 Jan 2003
  dogster 11:23 14 Jan 2003

Is there a specific piece of hardware required to enable a CD Rom to play DVD's on a PC or is it a case of downloading the relevant piece of software ? If so what software would be required ?

  fsssh 11:26 14 Jan 2003

as far as i know it isnt a case of software, its the hardware. cd drives dont have the right 'equipment' to be able to read the extremly high density data on a dvd, nor can they change the focal length of their lasers to read the second layer on a dvd.

  jjf72 11:27 14 Jan 2003

From my limited knowledge a DVD is fundamentally different to a CD, and a completely different set of hardware is required - known as a DVD player.

But I could be wrong

  MalcSP 11:31 14 Jan 2003

You cannot play a DVD on a normal CDROM drive. Fortunately, DVD drives are not too expensive and can either replace your CDROM or be alongside it. Just make sure your graphics and sound are up to the mark!

  dogster 11:34 14 Jan 2003

Thanks for the quick responses. And especially to you jj72 - made me laugh ("different piece of hardware known as a DVD player") - Yes I did think as much that it may require a DVD player. I do have one on my PC , I heard from the wife that the father in law was trying to convert his CD to play DVD's by downloading something but I didn't think it was as simple as that.

Thanks anyway.

  TheTerminator 11:48 14 Jan 2003

your father had just got into Div-X movies click here

which is a technology that compresses dvd movies to play on a cd, with very compressed picture and sound quality (a long way from dvd standard).

My sister was confused just like you are, so i am wondering if this is the problem.

  Stuartli 13:00 14 Jan 2003

The reason a CD-ROM won't read DVDs is due to a number of reasons, including (basically) the density of the information on the disk and the fact that a different laser beam length is used.

DVD-ROM drives such as my Pioneer 116 have two lasers, one for CDs and one for DVDs.

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