Enabling BIOS setting...but how?

  Duncanf 23:32 21 Jun 2004

I'm working with Windows XP Home and a Visioneer Scanner complete with installation CD.
Although I think I have followed the on-screen installation instructions, and relevant shortcuts have successfully appeared on the Desktop, whenever I click the 'acquire' key it says 'Scanner is not found' and asks for 3 checks....2 are done (power adaptor plugged in and USB cable properly connected between scanner and PC) but the 3rd I haven't a clue about. 'Check USB setting is enabled in BIOS.' Can someone help me to check and enable this please?
Thanks in anticipation.

  User-312386 23:42 21 Jun 2004

restart the computer, start tapping the delete key when the computer restarts and this will take you into the BIOS

Look in the BIOS to see if USB is enabled

p.s does the scanner light come on?

  VoG II 23:45 21 Jun 2004

Restart and almost immediately press one of these keys click here

You should then find yourself in a strange world often referred to as the "BIOS". It is actually the "CMOS" but you don't care about that.

You have to navigate using the arrow keys and the Enter keys.

  Dan the Confused 23:46 21 Jun 2004

When you first boot up it should say on the first screen you see what to press to enter BIOS Setup(often DEL). On mine, USB options come under the heading PNP&PCI Setup and are USB Function which should be set to enabled and USB IRQ which should be set to AUTO.

It depends what BIOS you use but a bit of looking around Setup should make things clearer.

  Duncanf 23:53 21 Jun 2004

Thanks, madboy 33, VoG and Dan the Confused.
Scanner is lit up and I've now got to the CMOS set up utility via 'delete' key!.......but it's asking for a password!
I've never had a password for this and never been in it before! Any ideas?

  User-312386 23:58 21 Jun 2004

oh it seems that the manufacturer or the people who built the computer have added a passowrd to the BIOS

who is your PC made by?

  hugh-265156 00:04 22 Jun 2004

if when you plug in any usb device like mouse etc and xp should see it straight away and make a 'de dong' sound.

if this happens usb is enabled in the bios.

maybe you need xp drivers for the scanner.are the drivers you are using for xp?

  Duncanf 00:04 22 Jun 2004

Thanks for comment....
PC was made by Compute IT in Doncaster.

  woodchip 00:08 22 Jun 2004

If you was supplied with a Manual look in that for the Password. You can get round the above By using a CMOS save program then remove the battery to clear the CMOS. That will let you get into CMOS but the problem is that if you restore from the saved cmos it will put all the settings back including the Password and the USB settings, so it's a bit of a problem if you are not computer literate.

  Rtus 00:13 22 Jun 2004

Can I ask , You Do have a printer ? Usb probably . Does that work ? if it does then Usb is enabled in the bios.however are there several ports front /rear (usually are) if your printer works ,try unplugging it & use that port for the scanner ,lets know what happens then .

  Duncanf 00:18 22 Jun 2004

Thanks Woodchip. Have looked in the K7VZA Mainboard Manual and found 'Using BIOS' section.
It shows the 'Enter Password' box but just says .... some BIOS options may lead to more dialog boxes that ask for more information. Setting passwords have this kind of box.
Would the PC manufacturer be liable to give the BIOS password seeing it's MY computer??

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