Enable XP Pro to Hibenate on Shutdown?

  The Potter 01:29 31 Dec 2009

I can do it in 'home' easily. WHY, why, why can't I do in it Pro? I have enabled hibernation in the power settings so I guess I missed a button some where? I enabled it on shutdown and that created a real mess but maybe I should go there again?


  Mi Casa 06:50 31 Dec 2009

What about - click here;en-us;893056

  Mi Casa 06:54 31 Dec 2009


It's kb893056

  jack 09:52 31 Dec 2009

I have two XO machines.Both Pro
Hover over 'Stand by' and click right shift -which then changes to hibernate.

Following a recent reload- on one machine, when shut down is clicked instead of the above I get a drop down menu- and you scroll down to the state you want.
How did that come about?
I have not a clue
Was it perhaps a service pack update download ?

  Batch 10:06 31 Dec 2009

From a power saving point of view, there is often little different between Standby and Hibernate. I find that in Standby the power consumption is negligible (i.e. less than 1 watt) and going to Hibernate would achieve very little. See click here - I beleive my Standby operates at S3, whereas Hibernate is S4.

Standby has the advantage that recocery is almost instantaneous, whereas Hibernate has the advantage of writing the contents of memory to disk and being impervious to disconnection of the power supply (in fact when you try to restart from Hibernate the system goes down the boot path, but detects that the last state was a Hibernate and so restores that instead).

  jack 11:26 03 Jan 2010

there is often little different between Standby and Hibernate'

Cant agree with that statement Batch.

Standby- the power is on and machine is running-albeit in a sleep mode - if power goes - so does the current Data.

Hibernate- the machine can be shut down and powered off- for weeks if need be- and when powered up- will after POST - open to the last current page.

  birdface 11:53 03 Jan 2010

When using XP home all you had to do when Hibernating was hover over the standby button and press Ctrl or the arrow up button and standby would change to Hibernate.
Not sure about the Pro version though.

  Batch 12:14 03 Jan 2010

I've actually measured the power consumption on my PC when in Standby (S3) and it IS less than 1 watt. In any reasonable person's book I'd say that is little different from 0 watts in Hibernate mode when compared with being fully powered up.

Yes you are right "if power goes - so does the current Data". Thanks for re-asserting the point that I'd already made, as I'm sure you must feel that others, presumably like yourself, have difficulty digesting as much as two paragraphs at a time.

  jack 13:37 03 Jan 2010

I did read both para's I assure you, but as with so much else in life some things have to be driven home for some folk.
As per 'buteman' for example in talking about what he does with XP Home and asking 'I is it the saame for Pro?-
See my 09.52 on 31.12.09

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