enable active x

  johnnyrocker 08:28 31 Oct 2005

how does one do this please as it is stopping certain web pages being viewed,?


  Doire_Bhoy 08:32 31 Oct 2005
  johnnyrocker 08:43 31 Oct 2005

great stuff but you lost me on the pip directory


  Doire_Bhoy 08:44 31 Oct 2005


  johnnyrocker 08:49 31 Oct 2005

the instructions say at the bottom to enter the pip directory and check it is working.

ps followed instructions still does not work, just wondering about maybe spy bot settings?


  PaulB2005 08:51 31 Oct 2005

PIP = Perfect Information Property

Ignore that bit.

  johnnyrocker 08:52 31 Oct 2005

cheers but still no go after a reboot.


  johnnyrocker 10:25 31 Oct 2005

any takers? although spyeware blaster is unhappy about it being activated and maybe tis best left alone?


  961 11:38 31 Oct 2005

Spywareblaster has a flash killer which is usually enabled by default. If you open spywareblaster and click on tools, you can disable the flash killer which may enable active x

Many vitus checkers, firewalls and spywarecatchers have an active x disable function, or alter the IE6 settings. You'll need to check them all

  johnnyrocker 11:45 31 Oct 2005

flash killer is not enabled in spywareblaster, and i have set active x as per doire_boys very useful link, but still no joy.


  rabadubdub 11:56 31 Oct 2005

This is very simple..
The settings for Active X controls are in the IE-Tools menu/Internet Options.../Security tab.
You should see the four security zones.. with Internet highlighted, click on Custom Level and a dialogue box will open listing settings for ActiveX and scripting.
In an ideal world let them run, but with so many viruses about, it's wisest to choose the "Prompt before running" Though you could enable those "marked as safe", and Disable those "marked as unsafe" -If in doubt select Prompt before downloading.
Myself, I set defaults then change just a couple of settings to prompt.
I run SpybotSD and AdAware and SpywareBlaster, and this setting makes no difference to them.
Hope this helps.

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