Enable Active Desktop

  bazza11 13:25 12 Oct 2003

Somehow I have managed to switch off my Active Desktop. When I am prompted to "Enable Active Desktop" the pointer and whole computer locks up and the only way out is to switch the power off. I got to this point through trying to eliminate the [email protected] virus using FixKlez and then the AntiKlez tool, both of which tell me I have no Virus, but which Norton Antivirus 2000 insists is still there! Consequently I have no Restore Points available. Can you please help? Many thanks.

  LastChip 15:41 12 Oct 2003

In general, all virus scanning on systems that incorporate system restore, should be done in "Safe Mode", with system restore DISABLED. Are you doing that?

  LastChip 18:22 12 Oct 2003

"Yes, did all that and switched it back on afterwards, all to no avail. Any ideas?"

Which operating system are we talking about?

  LastChip 19:04 12 Oct 2003

"Windows Me, with Norton Antvirus 2000."

Can I ask you to please keep your replies to the thread.

The whole point is, I, (or I suspect anyone else) do not have all the answers to every problem, and by using the thread, gives others the opportunity to join in and try to help you. Further, if we do manage to resolve your problem, the solution is available to others for referrence via the search engine.

If you have Norton, did you prepare a set of floppies that enable you to run Norton direct from them? If so, boot up with those floppies, and let Norton clean your system.

  LastChip 20:49 12 Oct 2003

"My main problem is still the need to restore my Active Desktop - I only put in the bit about the virus as background info and can live with it on my computer until I get the Active Desktop issue sorted, so please ignore it."

Perhaps you could write your messages in the box below the thread instead of using the e-mail system please. Once written, then use the "Post response" button to send them to the thread.

The point is, I think it may be the virus you have caught, that is impeeding your ability to reestablish your active desktop. Viruses cause all sorts of strange behaviour, and if we could solve that part of the problem, your active desktop, may look after itself.

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