bruno 09:29 09 Feb 2008

Can someone point me in the direction of a (free if possible) emulator.I have Windows XP Home on an AMD Athlon 4, 3500+.
I have a golf game, Tiger Woods 2004 PGA tour, I would like to out on one.

  bruno 09:56 09 Feb 2008

"Out" should read "put".

  brundle 10:27 09 Feb 2008

Emulation of what?

  bruno 12:12 09 Feb 2008

I am trying to create a virtual disc to install a game programme on it. I am not having much luck at the moment. Found Daemon Tools, which my Grandson uses but it does not appear to recognise my disc, which has Safedisc protection on it. He also uses Alcohol 120% for ripping the CD,but,again, my disc is not recognised. Maybe it can't be done. I was just hoping to find someone who knows more about it than me-which would not be difficult.

  johndrew 12:14 09 Feb 2008

You really need to find which computer system the program was designed for. Is it an Amiga, Spectrum, Mac or what?

  tullie 12:56 09 Feb 2008

Try typing Emulators into Google,amazing what it turns up

  brundle 13:01 09 Feb 2008

Bruno is referring to virtual optical drives, not computer emulators as such.

  bruno 13:45 09 Feb 2008

Brundle has the right idea.It is a PC game deigned to work on XP.there are three discs involved and the idea is to protect the discs and save the bother of inserting them every time.

  johndrew 16:14 09 Feb 2008

This appears to be what you want click here but it is an `emulator` of a drive. Usually, in my experience, the term `emulator` is used to describe a piece of software that enables one OS platform to function as another.

  bruno 10:05 10 Feb 2008

You are quite right, I didn't use the proper word initially. I should have said Virtual Drive. I will look at your link. Thank you.

  bruno 19:31 11 Feb 2008

Given up on this as the game I am trying to put on the virtual drive has defeated all my efforts to read it.

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