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Emsisoft Antimalware and/or Norton Security?

  compumac 19:56 02 Jan 2018

I have had Emsisoft Antimalware and Norton Security running side by side for a good few years now and when they were initially installed I communicated directly with Emsisoft who indicated that there were no known conflicts in using these on the same PC.

I had just had a dialogue box seemingly from Emsisoft indicating that there are possible conflicts between Norton and Emsisoft and advising removal of one of them.

In all the years running both I have not had any known conflicts.

Upon browsing I now find that there are conflicts between the two and I am surprised that after such a long time in use that I have only just been made aware of this.

Anyway, if there is a conflict between the two what are the views out there?

  Govan1x 22:54 02 Jan 2018

Personally I use Emsisoft but don't think it works that great on the latest version of W10. Seems to take ages to scan now.

I do use Emsisoft with Eset security never ever had any problems with them running together.

Maybe Norton has picked up a nasty and quarantined it Emsisoft would see it as a threat Maybe.

  compumac 16:31 03 Jan 2018


Thanks for that.

What I do not understand is why over the years I have seen no evidence whatsoever of any recognised conflicts with my setup (this is across 3 - 5 PC's at any one time), and therefore a little reluctant to ditch either of the programmes. I understood that Emsisoft did not scan for virus unless you activate it as such. Am I missing something here?

  Govan1x 16:45 03 Jan 2018

Any consolation I just got this one as well today.

  Govan1x 16:48 03 Jan 2018

Just a matter of ticking the Don't show this again square I suppose.

  compumac 16:58 03 Jan 2018


The same as I had yesterday excepting it referred to Norton Security. Perhaps Emsisoft are just hoping to boost their sales by making the suggestion?

Are you just going to tick the box "I am aware"?

  Govan1x 23:36 03 Jan 2018


Yes I ticked the box today.

  compumac 09:21 06 Jan 2018

Any other thoughts/comments out there?

  compumac 19:01 07 Jan 2018


  henrystole 18:58 15 Jan 2018

In my opinion, you are supposed to tick the Don't show this again box. If you need any help just dial Norton Antivirus Support Number 1-800-589-0948.

  compumac 19:17 15 Jan 2018


Ticking the "don't show box" does not address the reason for my original posting as I have never, ever, been aware of any conflict with ANY of my PC's that all have/had the combination of Emsisoft and Norton Security over the past years.

My query was with regard to what conflicts?

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