Emsisoft Antimalware + Online Armor 3 PC Bundle - opinions wanted

  compumac 10:21 21 Dec 2011

I have been using Emsisoft Antimalware for some years now using two licences on two PC's. I have dug out an old laptop that did have Antimalware on it but is out of date and out thereby out of licence. I am being offered from Emsisoft Antimalware + Online Armor for 3 PC's at £60.81 and as both my current licences are about to expire in the near future I am thinking of taking up the three PC bundle offer for both products. Alternatively the 3 PC bundle for just Emsisoft Antimalware at £49.32.

Any views out there as I have little knowledge of Online Armor?

  compumac 11:58 21 Dec 2011

buteman In fact I did check your original post but at that time my needs were satisfied. With regard to one licence on two machines - I did have it on two PC's with both indicating the same time frame for the licence. The old laptop was one of those but is now telling me it is the 30 day trial version, albeit it is still downloading updates.

  compumac 22:40 21 Dec 2011


Thanks for that link. How did you come across that?

I have got two PC licences for Antimalware plus Ad Muncher for £10.15.

Quite a saving!

I have downloaded the Online Armor Premium free 30 day trial and installed on my old laptop. At this time it looks OK.

  compumac 08:57 22 Dec 2011

Buteman?? Bump

  compumac 10:21 22 Dec 2011


I looked, as I thought, quite hard, but I did not find that particular one. I was initially suspicious of the site as it did not give you the option to access other Emsisoft areas from that page, but I was happy to follow your advice.

If you come across the same offers for Online Armor Premium I would be interested as I cannot locate anything like that level of discount

Thanks again

  compumac 18:30 22 Dec 2011

Buteman Had just earlier found this https://shop.emsisoft.com/34/?affiliate=18399&scope=checkout&cart=36640&coupon=freebiest and you would be able to purchase OAP for three PC's for just £24.95. However I followed your link and have downloaded from that source and will probably install on one of my laptops before I go any further.

  compumac 19:18 22 Dec 2011


Have just created an Acronis image before installing Online Armor from your link. Will install tomorrow. One question - I am given to understand that if you download from Emsisoft website that during installation you can opt for Premium or the ++ Version. Do you know if that is the case with the download from the link provided?

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