Emsisoft Antimalware conflict with Norton I S

  compumac 21:45 04 Jun 2015

I have been using Emsisoft Antimalware as well as Norton Internet Security on several PC's and they appear to have been running in harmony for several years without (as far as I am aware) causing any conflicts. Currently on my main PC I have had some considerable problems and a comment was made that you cannot have two antivirus programmes running in harmony with which I totally agree. However Emsisoft Antimalware is as the name implies antimalware but with antivirus association. Does anyone have any input into this scenario?

  Secret-Squirrel 09:28 05 Jun 2015

However Emsisoft Antimalware is as the name implies antimalware.............

The definition of malware (“malicious software”) is any program that can harm or disrupt a computer without the user's consent so the term covers viruses, rootkits, trojans, and also spyware, adware, and potentially unwanted programs. Some folks wrongly believe that "malware" only applies to the latter, less serious types of infection.

In your case I think you ought to consider which program to remove as having two that do roughly the same job can lead to poor performance and system stability issues.

  compumac 09:41 05 Jun 2015

Lazarus The 2nd

Thanks for that. I had(as I thought) scoured the Emsisoft Forum but did not come across this.

I do have somewhere an e-mail from Emsisoft (dated a long time ago) that indicated that there was no problem running the two programmes but am unable to locate it at this time. I am currently in touch with Emsisoft and am awaiting their reply.

  compumac 09:49 05 Jun 2015

Secret Squirrel.

When I installed these two programmes (albeit several years ago) I checked directly with Emsisoft and Norton with the responses being that there were no discernible problems, this bears out my use of the two running side by side on a number of PC's over this time. There was an update from Emsisoft in the past week that may have changed that perspective and is the reason why I have contacted them to establish the facts.

No disprespect and do not take it as such, but I am aware of the differences in infection. I do appreciate your input and comments

  Secret-Squirrel 10:17 05 Jun 2015

Apologies Compumac - but this is what prompted my first paragraph:

Emsisoft Antimalware is as the name implies antimalware but with antivirus association

If Emisoft have confirmed that their product will work with NIS then that's reassuring but I do wonder what would happen if both products encountered the same threat at the same time - can they both efficiently eradicate the same pest or will they clash and the removal is incomplete or it crashes the system?

  compumac 10:37 05 Jun 2015

Secret Squirrel.

No apologies needed. Sometimes the written word does not always come across in the same way as a verbal expression. - Seen that scenario many times here.

Your comment about the same threat being seen at the same time is very valid and may well be the cause of my problem.

  compumac 10:58 05 Jun 2015

Secret Squirrel

Just had a communication from Emsisoft indicating that there is a possibility of a conflict where they do meet the same threat at the same time - as you stated.

The workaround is to add the Emsisoft's folder to the exclusions in NIS.

Will look into that.

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