Emptying IE9 'History' toolbar?

  Housten 15:27 11 Jul 2011

Good Afternoon, I have never understood programmes like Ccleaner or Malwarebytes, whereby you, apparently, do not tick some boxes in order to control what it ‘cleans’ out whilst the programme is running. I am using Windows 7 Home Premium and I use IE9 – which has the same screen layout as previous versions – which has a toolbar(?) at the top of its screen. If you ‘click’ on the right hand side where there is a down-arrow a drop-down list of the previous web sites visited appears. I use this a lot as it means one-click and I get on to a web site I want/require without having to remember the name or having to type in any of the address. My problem is that when I use Ccleaner or Malwarebytes I have now got to the stage where ALL the boxes are not ticked ( in Ccleaner, for instance ) and yet the ‘history’ drop-down list ( as I call it – whether this is right or wrong I don’t know ) still gets wiped out every time I use the programmes. What I do now is every time I get a new web site address I want to keep I add it to a list I keep in a Word document, so I can just ‘copy and paste’ into the toolbar, but it is still really annoying me! Now I don’t know whether or not this is meant to happen – if it is then it would be great if someone could confirm this and it would be slightly, only slightly, less annoying – and if it could be stopped from happening could someone please tell me what boxes/instructions I should be giving Ccleaner or Malwarebytes. There is – more or less – the same problem in Excel and Word, as all the previous files that have been used – well up to 9 anyway – all get wiped out and you have to go and dig these out all over again! Very annoying and I would be very grateful if someone was able to tell what ‘instructions’ I should – or as importantly NOT – give to Ccleaner or Malwarebytes to stop these disappearing in the same way as the IE9 ‘history’ toolbar list disappears. I know that this could – possibly could – be something simple but I have not been able to work out what these are and I would be very, very grateful for any help/advice/information on any and all these problems. Many thanks in advance.

  rdave13 16:09 11 Jul 2011

In IE9 go to tools, internet options, browsing history and untick the box for delete browsing history on exit if ticked. Then select the delete tab and tick the box for preserve favourite website data and untick the box for History. Easiest way for me to remember sites is to right click the toolbar and tick the box for favourites. This brings up the favourites toolbar where you'll notice a star with an arrow on it on the left hand side of the bar. When you need to bookmark a site simply click on the star icon and it will place it on the favourites bar. If you right click on any of these icons you can select customize title widths. I select icon only as the bar can show more. Ccleaner has no effect on these. As for your other programs check the Applications tab in Ccleaner for boxes to untick.

  northumbria61 16:18 11 Jul 2011

These run by "default" settings but you can change them to your liking.

CCleaner - From the 1st Screen choose "Options" from the left hand side - then "exclude" tab. You need to add files/folders etc that you wish to exclude from being cleaned out.

Malwarebytes - Choose the "Ignore List" tab and do the same - ie:add fioes/folders that you wish to exclude.

  Housten 17:18 11 Jul 2011


Many thanks, I will be trying these out shortly so I hope I follow your advice correctly!

rdave13 - I followed your instructions but the preserve web site data was untickd, but the history was ticked, so I have changed that one. However I couldn't find where to follow on when you said "Easiest way for me to remember sites is to right click the toolbar and tick the box for favourites. This brings up the favourites toolbar where you'll notice a star with an arrow on it on the left hand side of the bar." It would appear that I have a problem relating to this since between the 'history' and the box listing which website you are on I have a line which has a star with favourites, a star with the google sign and the start of the google web site address and a sign I am not sure of with this site address, and no matter where I click I can not get the favourites to either appear or disappear!

northumbria61 - Many thanks these are just the instructions I needed!!

Once again, many, many thanks.

  rdave13 18:49 11 Jul 2011

Right click anywhere just above the address bar. In the list that shows put a tick on 'Favorites bar'. You will get a new toolbar with that star showing on the left hand side. Clicking that star saves the web site by putting an Icon on that favourite bar.

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