empty recycle bin?

  mannock 21:00 15 Aug 2004

this is a bit scary. i noticed my recycle bin icon showed it was not empty so i opened it. nothing was in there, but when i clicked on 'empty recycle bin' it said ' are you sure you want to delete 'windows'.
obviously i clicked no. is this a joke? i certainly have not deleted anything with windows in the name.

  Djohn 21:23 15 Aug 2004

The only thing I can think of is that you have somehow placed a file or folder in there that is normally hidden from view.

Try, Control panel/appearance and themes/Folder options/View and place a dot in the circle "Show hidden files and folders" go back to your recycle bin and check again. Don't worry though Windows operating system will not let you help it to commit Harri Karie. ;o)

  mannock 21:36 15 Aug 2004

thanks Djohn, i already had the folder options views set to show all files and folders including system ones. bin still showed empty when opened but occupied when just an icon on the desktop. and i know i've never called a file or folder 'windows' or even seen one of that name.
i'm convinced it is a joke or virus.

  christmascracker 21:57 15 Aug 2004
  THE TERMINATOR 00:05 16 Aug 2004

We all know how windows get's a bit confused at times! Well I think this is one of them. What you need to do is put something into the recycle bin that isn't important(like a copy of a shortcut), when you empty the recycle bin this time all will be normal again....TT

  Djohn 00:36 16 Aug 2004

As christmascracker points out in her links and THE TERMINATOR says. Both options will work, just add something that you don't want, create a new shortcut or a document with just a dot placed in it and delete to the bin.

Empty the bin and re-boot your PC, all should be fine now and as I mentioned in my post above, Windows operating system will not let you delete it from your machine while you are still in the program. IE: it will not self destruct :o)

  end 07:34 16 Aug 2004

"it will not self-destruct"; MIGHT it if it has got a "nasty" on the system though, or somehow "got corrupted"..(just "thinking " about my own problems and "learning "from this thread too.....)

sorry, mannock, not trying to scare you but just,"questioning"....

  mannock 10:49 16 Aug 2004

thanks for your replies, i chickened out in a way, i used system restore to go back to the previous day and the recycle bin was then empty. then i tested it by deleting some files and emptying the bin and everything is ok. i'd still love to know how the recycle bin came up with 'windows' !

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