empty boxes with crosses

  cowgirl66 14:34 13 Jul 2006

I have just finished my website in Dreamweaver and have run 'Results' check to make sure all the links work. I have also previewed each and every webpage in both Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox to make double sure.

Every thing works fine although in Internet Explorer there is always an Activex warning popup, which if I deactivate, allows the buttons on the Navigation bar to change colour when they are pointed to.
In Firefox, buttons and links are all present and work acurately as do the hotspots.

But now that I've uploaded all the files to Heart Internet, not only can I not find my website online, but the files are all there and when I view them, the buttons on the navigation bar are empty and have crosses inside of them.

Why is this? I'm so disappointed

Regards Cowgirl66

  cowgirl66 16:31 13 Jul 2006

I'm not sure if it is javascript. I made the navigation bar in Fireworks as a .png file and then exported it back into dreamweaver as html with pictures, ready for the web.

But as I say, not even my simple .gif images I created (with Fireworks) are on view. only those silly boxes.

My url is click here

  cowgirl66 16:42 13 Jul 2006

and would it help if I copied all of the original artwork (in source files) into my site folder and upload again? That way I would know not one file was missing!

  cowgirl66 16:44 13 Jul 2006

but this still doesn't explain why I can't view my website online

  cowgirl66 12:12 14 Jul 2006

no jolorna: it's click here and I've had no luck yet at all

I am now trying to cancel my free webhosting with Heart Internet and even that is causing me problems as they say I'm not entitled to tech suport and can't leave a ticket with customer services.

I have phoned them and have sent an email to [email protected] to cancel my hosing service so Im hoping that soon all will be sorted.

Then I'll have to start again, all over.

Thanks, Cowgirl66

  PurplePenny 14:16 14 Jul 2006

I'm getting a "403 forbidden" message when I go to your site. Is that what you get?

  PurplePenny 14:26 14 Jul 2006

I've just looked up your domain on a Whois search and I think the answer is that your registration hasn't gone through yet. The domain name was only regostered yesterday and the status is "Registration request being processed.".

  cowgirl66 16:42 14 Jul 2006

thank you all, I now have spoken to someone at Heart Internet and they told me I should have uploaded all my Site files within the public html folder. I had no idea, but my website is online now.

I now see that my beefburger .gif images are missing from the homepage and the email form is not sending properly. I will sort this out in due course if I can.

But for now at least, I'm online!!!

Regards cowgirl66

  cowgirl66 16:44 14 Jul 2006

maybe you could give your opinion on my new and FIRST website while you're looking?

Thanks :-)

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