Emprex writer

  jim63 10:26 17 Apr 2006

I have an Emprex 16x dual DVD RW/R writer and using Win XP Home. It seems the writer is not copying dvd's properly. It copy's a dvd okay but when I play the copy half way through it freezes, starts and stops. The master disc is okay. I thought about uninstalling writer and re-install but I don't seem to have a disc. Would re-installing help or is the writer faulty. Can I re-install without disc.

  pj123 11:37 17 Apr 2006

The drive itself doesn't need install drivers. Windows will automatically find it.

What program are you using to copy the DVD?

What type of DVD is it? What is the DVDs maximum speed. Your drive is 16x but if the DVD you are using is only 4x or 8x etc you could get problems if you try to burn faster than the disk can accept.

If you are using the built-in XP burner (Roxio) as far as I know it doesn't support DVDs only CDs

  jim63 15:45 17 Apr 2006

I am using Nero.I never thought about speed.
Datasafe 8Xspeed DVD-R I'm using
If I un-install writer how do i do that

  pj123 16:59 17 Apr 2006

What version of Nero are you using? You need at least version 6 and even then Nero is not very good at copying DVDs (particularly if they are copy protected). You would need something like DVD Xcopy or DVD Shrink.

I don't think you need to uninstall the the DVD writer. But if you want to try it. Open your case and disconnect the cables to the DVD drive.

Boot your computer and it should show you don't have any optical drives. Switch off your computer and reconnect the DVD drive and reboot.

It should now show the DVD Writer.

  jim63 17:18 17 Apr 2006

Thanks PJ123. Where would you recommend I buy DVDXcopy

  pj123 17:47 17 Apr 2006

You could try here

click here

which is where I got my copy from. Scroll down.

  jim63 16:44 19 Apr 2006

I have been looking at DVDXcopy. Will I need activation code if bought online or in e-bay

  pj123 16:48 19 Apr 2006

Don't know about ebay but if you buy it from SVP the registration number comes with the CD.

Try using Verbatim blank DVDR.

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