Emprex or Artec DVD writers.

  nerawan 16:11 29 Dec 2004

Hi. PC World is selling at the moment two dvd external writers for $60 and £70. They are Emprex and Artec. Has anyone bought one of them. Are they good?. I don't want to buy online. Better to go to a store.

  interzone55 16:37 29 Dec 2004

Artec DVD-RWs are particularly unreliable, the company I work for send about 200 a week back for exchange (that's about 10% return rate), I do believe that they have recently released a firmware update that solves the problem we've been having, but I still wouldn't buy one.
Simple rule of thumb, if you've never heard of a brand name, stear clear of the product.

  Giggle n' Bits 16:38 29 Dec 2004

Asus, LG or Lite-On


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