Ginger Winger 09:35 10 Jun 2003

I plan to emigrate to Spain in the next couple of months. About 6 months ago I purchased a Mesh pc system and would like to take it with me. Other than the warrenty aspects, does anyone have any advice on what considerations I need to address if I take my pc with me e.g. new ISP etc.

  Lozzy 09:41 10 Jun 2003

Nope just have fun

  powerless 09:41 10 Jun 2003

A bigger cooling fan! Hotter temps out there...(optional)

Change you regional settings and don't forget to change the time.

Use lots of bubble rap, in the packing.

  graham√ 09:50 10 Jun 2003

There are forum members in Spain who will point you to ISP,s.

  expertec 09:57 10 Jun 2003

What power supply do they have in spain? 110V? 230V?

  DieSse 10:00 10 Jun 2003

You'll need a new ISP - samples -

click here click here click here click here click here

All do "free" accounts, ADSL, etc, etc. You can visit the sites and get to know what they offer. You can't, generally speaking, sign up until you know what your telephone number will be.

Be warned, availability of telephones can vary from next day (ish) to no lines available!

Mains power is same as UK (230V 50Hz)

New mains plugs, new telephone cables (get them here, DON'T use adapters)

Don't bring a TV - they need the sound standard converting - many these days can't be converted, not what you want to discover when you arrive.

Satellite TV is very mixed at present, due to changes in signal strength on BBC channels - Costa Blanca is the worst area in Spain for signal strength.

  DieSse 10:03 10 Jun 2003

PS - also several good computer clubs on the Costa Blanca.

  graham√ 10:05 10 Jun 2003

Hasta la vista! (or summat). Didn't I see somewhere that remote parts may be 110v?

  DieSse 10:31 10 Jun 2003

¡Buenas dias! (hasta la vista (until the [next] sight) is basically goodbye!!)

If it's really remote it could be nothing except 12v solar/wind power and an inverter.

Most of us are pretty civilised now tho' ;-))

  DieSse 10:39 10 Jun 2003

Some PSs

If you bring a UK phone or fax - bring a BT Master Socket for each one (or an adapter of the correct type) - otherwise they won't ring.

When you take an electricity contract, you pay for a certain wattage supply - eg 3.5KW, 5 KW, 7.5KW etc - as well as the actual consumption. It's easy to get caught out, as if you go over the top of your contracted amount, an automatic trip will cut out, and you'll have to wait for it to reset (you can't get at it). 3.5KW is very low by UK standards - a water heater, electric kettle and oven on together may trip it! So be warned!

  Sapins 12:50 10 Jun 2003

Hope you have done your homework. you will have to put up with extremely long periods of dry sunny weather, loads of good cheap wine, especially the sparkling type, people enjoying life and being very welcoming, less crime, virtually no vandalism and graffiti, very helpful people in supermarkets, good fresh produce in local markets, the list goes on and on;-) Good luck and enjoy.

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