rotormota 00:15 20 Jul 2005

This evening my PC is malfunctioning. Basically the Start Menu functions are in operative. I can't get into My Computer at all, Search does not respond & the same with Control Panel. Program icons respond. It seems to be system ones that are not.

In addition I cannot get My Documents & some task bar icons are also not functioning. The task bar is then prone to freezing completely.

I have done a GoBack to when things were fine but this has not solved matters.

Any ideas?

  Pooke 00:22 20 Jul 2005

What operating system, sp2? any errors' messages popping up?

  Forum Editor 00:23 20 Jul 2005

First a few questions:

1. Operating system - Windows XP?

2. SP2 installed?

3. Anti-virus software installed and up to date?

4. Firewall running - if so which one?

5. Internet Explorer working properly - home page loading normally?

6. Email coming and going OK?

7. Do programs open and close normally - not slow at all?

8. Have you downloaded and installed any new drivers?

9. Installed any new software?

10. Installed any new hardware?

Answer that little lot if you would, and we'll see what we can do to sort the problem out.

  Danoh 00:29 20 Jul 2005

FE; thats a great set of almost standard Q's we could copy'n'paste for re-use!

  rotormota 00:32 20 Jul 2005


no SP2

I installed a new external LG DVD drive earlier which was fine but the software disc containing Nero, Cyberlink etc was very troublesome so I gave up & did a GoBack to pre installation.

The DVD drive is currently disconnscted from the PC.

Programmes operate OK. It seems to be anything associated with the PC. Ie My Computer, My Documents, Control Panel, Search etc which do mot respond at all.

Normally a GoBack resolves just about anything but not so this time.

  rotormota 07:14 20 Jul 2005

Hi again. With the programs I can open I am getting an error message:

'Server Busy

This action cannot be completed because the other program is busy. Choose 'Swith to' to activate the busy program & correct the problem.'

I have the options of switch to, retry & cancel none of which do anything to correct the problem & the PC seems to lock up.

Any ideas folks. I'm getting desperate & the VAT is due & this is not helping!

  rotormota 08:01 20 Jul 2005

Hi again,

By process of elimunation could it be an ActiveX problem?

I am running Norton WinDoctor & by selecting which scans to do I am finding that the test is freezing on 'Windows Registry Scan ActiveX/COM Sections & also on the Shortcut scan.

Any ideas folks?

  jack 12:21 20 Jul 2005

You mention A. Norton and B Goback

If you have Goback installed this is probable cause of your predicament.

Goback intended for DOS based systems
XP is its own 'Restore' routine

Uninstall GoBack and the machine may revover, if not After the removal of Goback - do a Restore to a time before you installed it.

  rotormota 12:35 20 Jul 2005


Not sure on that Jack. GoBack is the Norton system restore program. I've never had an issue with Goback as it always resolves problems without fail apart from now. I have used it for donkeys years.

I don't intend uninstalling just yet as it is still my fail safe at the moment.

The issue seems to be a system registry one. I cannot access system based applications including My Computer, Search, My Docs, Control Panel, Run etc etc etc. Both Start Panel & Taskbar icons are affected.

Any other ideas folks?

  De Marcus 12:52 20 Jul 2005

Have you tried a system restore?

Have you tried to run sfc /scannow?

  Mysticnas 13:05 20 Jul 2005

Have you tried them?

See what else is running, try and spot the dodgy process/task.

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