emergency siren through speakers

  Kenneth-266656 20:38 15 Mar 2004

My computer: custom built Pentium4 2.4GH 512MB DDR RAM
Operating system Windows XP. dual booted with Windows 98SE.
Running on XP the other day - been working all afternoon left on screensaver during break - came back to hear two tone siren note through speakers - checked temperatures all O.K. All
hardware shown as O.K. No virus
Shut down - noise stayed on until final close and monitor shut down. Started up again immediately - no problems! To date hasn't hapened again __Any suggestions???

When u said the temperatures were all ok, what were they?

When i used to leave Call of Duty paused i used to get the two tone siren after a while, really bugged the hell out of me!!

Turned out the alert was set at a really low temp in BIOS (MSI board). Just always ran cooler most of the time.

Check the alarm temp trigger in your BIOS, no need for it to be below 70.

Hope that helps

  Kenneth-266656 19:06 17 Mar 2004

Many thanks Galliano have reset as advised. Do you happen to know if there is any way to listen to samples of all the various warning sounds in XP?

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