embeded comments in jpg 's

  Qmar 01:07 30 Jul 2003

how can I amend the 'comments' embedded in digital camera jpg's.? (easily)

  Qmar 01:38 30 Jul 2003

(I don't mean pasting text onto the image BTW )
corrigendum :'embedded'

  graham√ 08:54 30 Jul 2003

I don't think you can change the Date, Camera etc. Is that what you mean?

  Qmar 21:23 30 Jul 2003

from click here

"In JPEG images, textual comments can be embedded in the COM marker. The file may contain multiple such markers.

Not all utilities for creating or viewing JPEG images allow comments to be written. Enter jpegcom, a utility that allows you to edit image comments with the help of your favourite image viewer and text editor."

this what i meant.. but cant interpret tthe authors technospeak. Any super imaging folk out there to comment further please ?

  zanwalk 21:39 30 Jul 2003

Is this link any help?

click here

  john-232317 22:37 30 Jul 2003

cheers mate, will put it in my posts for future ref....john

  Qmar 00:33 31 Jul 2003

thanks .

( the best I could find was a demo that limited to 5 pics at a time..click here

take advantage of a standard Jpeg format feature - comment text. Load a list of files and describe each file with up to 10,000 characters, previewing images in real time. Then, use the program's powerful search feature to find the files on your hard drive using comments that are stored inside images themselves. )

  Qmar 21:27 31 Jul 2003

just used exifer -- great.thanks again.

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