embedding a soundfile in Front Page 2000

  Al94 09:11 10 Sep 2003

I want a midi music file to play continuously when my club website ios being viewed but can only see how to attach it to an individual page which means it inly plays on the index page or if attached to othe pages, starts again when page is viewed. Is there any way in Front Page to do this?

  Forum Editor 23:32 10 Sep 2003

is embedded in a page it will only play when that page is loaded into the browser. You can certainly set FP to play the file continuously (looping), but you can't have it playing uninterrupted while different pages are called from the server.

In common with millions of others I absolutely hate sound files on web sites, and I exit swiftly if I hear one. I consider them an intrusive element, and one which has no real place on a normal site. I accept that there's a place for music on a site that's about music, but that's it.

I suggest that you consider having a button for the music, so that users can choose whether or not to listen - just hyperlink the button to the file, so people can start it when they like, rather than having it load with the page.

  Al94 09:53 11 Sep 2003

Thanks for that, I thought that was probably the position and you make a very valid point re the intrusion aspect. I will forget about it.

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