EMBED Word.Picture problem

  [DELETED] 11:49 14 Jul 2005

I have a separate computer for the internet to keep security on business files. I am trying to send some diagrams (created in Word) as Word e-mail attachments.

In the Word document these just show as:

EMBED Word.Picture.n where n is a number.

On other PCs they show perfectly as diagrams.

With older backups (even 5 years old) I have the same problem. Diagrams are replaced by this message. I want to keep only the one computer on line and not change the ISDN.

I don't know how this came about but it may be related to Microsoft Office. I had only Word on this computer but needed Excel to show one document sent by a customer. It loaded the whole of Office. I have uninstalled all I can and reinstalled Word but with no improvement.

Any ideas please?


  [DELETED] 12:01 14 Jul 2005

In Word, Tools | Options, View tab. Untick Field Codes.

  iscanut 12:03 14 Jul 2005

Not an expert by any means but I know that you can get problems if the computer to which the embedded file is sent does not have the source file. When this happens, you can use an option to convert the embedded file to a file format you can use.

To convert, right click on the embedded object ( in the source file )
On the shortcut menu, chooes object, convert.
Select the format you wish to convert to and then click OK. The file should then have been converted and should be able to be transferred to the other computer as a file it can read.

Not sure if this helps

  [DELETED] 12:41 14 Jul 2005


Many thanks! SOLVED.


Thanks also for your reply.


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