emails wont send.

  bubblezone 12:48 28 Apr 2005

Is there anyone who knows why my emails wont send in Outlook?

I have installed Outlook service pack 3 but I can't find anyone who's had this problem or who knows how to fix it

  octal 13:03 28 Apr 2005

A bit more information please.

What error messages?

Were they OK before the upgrade?

Who is your ISP?

  Davebot 13:19 28 Apr 2005

I have this effect but only after looking into the Outbox before clicking send receive. It seems that once you look at an email it won't go on my system - and the more you look the more you can't see why it won't go. ?:-(
Selecting "Unread" doesn't cure the problem. The work around for me is to drag the message into drafts, open it from there and send it again!

  Methedrine 14:10 28 Apr 2005

If you are using Zonealarm as your firewall, try turning off "outbound mailsafe protection".
Not an ideal situation I know, but it works.

  bubblezone 16:32 28 Apr 2005

ISP is F2S.
Have 1 PC & 2 laptops connected via a Belkin wireless router to the internet. Using Windows XP and Office 2000 professional (Outlook 2002).
Firstly out of nowehere our Norton Internet Security stopped the e-mails going through. I spent 2/3 hours on line chat with their tech folks to no avail to sort the problem. Have disabled NIS now and using the windows firewall instead.
Now the error message is saying:
Task ' - sending'reported error (0x800CCCOF)The connection to the server was interrupted.If this problem continues contact yourserver administrator or ISP ?

  octal 17:43 28 Apr 2005

Thanks for the info. I've just been looking at the email setup for F2S click here and ' - sending' reported error seems to indicate the incoming email is being blocked rather than Can you receive emails?

The only thing I can think of at the moment is to try switching off the firewall temporarily and see if it works.

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