Emails which I didn't send returned by Mail Delivery System

  GMD 15:17 09 Aug 2013

I have recently been receiving up to 10 emails a day from Mail Delivery System - Subject: delayed 2 (or more) days, mainly followed by [email protected]
I have run Trend Micro, Malware and Microsoft scans and they are all clear but these emails are driving me made. I have changed my password but that hasn't helped. They are using my username. Can I stop this or is the only answer to close my ISP account and open another with another name. I use Plus Net but they say there is nothing they can do.

  Secret-Squirrel 15:42 09 Aug 2013

For obvious reasons, spammers never use their real e-mail address when sending spam messages. Most of the time they use a made-up one, but occasionally, they use one that actually belongs to someone like yourself. When any of the spam messages fail to reach their intended recipient, you get the non-delivery e-mail.

Don't worry too much as yours is a very common problem and there's nothing you can do to stop it. It's happened to me a few times too. After a while those e-mails will stop coming in.

  Woolwell 15:43 09 Aug 2013

They are emails with spoof headers purporting to be from you but actually being sent by spammers who have got hold of your email address. They are sending some to some on-existent addresses hence the bounce back messages. You have changed your password and it should die down fairly soon. If it does not you may be forced to change your email address but that is not easy if it is tied to an ISP.

  Secret-Squirrel 15:50 09 Aug 2013

"You have changed your password"

Woolwell, anyone can use any e-mail address they want in the "From" field when sending an e-mail so changing passwords will never make any difference.

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