Emails vanished from Windows Live Mail

  xuroys 14:23 08 Aug 2015

I have been successfully using a program called Hard Drive Powerwash but after using it a couple of days ago I found all my folders in Windows Live Mail are empty !! The Powerwash program moves unwanted stuff to the Recycle Bin so I looked there and no emails. I have saved copies of most emails but WLM claims there are no emails in those folders - HELP please !!

  Govan1x 07:55 09 Aug 2015

Have you tried going to the original e-mail sites and logging on to see if they are still on there.

  Govan1x 09:01 09 Aug 2015

Found this free for 24 hours never used it before so cannot comment on it. free for 24 hours.

Click here

  lotvic 16:30 09 Aug 2015

The setting may have been changed and it is hiding all read emails.

If so then: View, Current view, select Show all messages

  xuroys 21:24 09 Aug 2015

I finally found a way to return my emails to WLM. I discovered I had two sets of folders under user/microsoft/windows live mail and I had been copying my saved messages into the wrong one !! All the messages are now showing as unread and none are in the separate folders I had created but I can see them and, most importantly, can see the subjects so it will just take a while to re-organise !!

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