emails vanish from inbox

  dobbin 11:17 25 May 2010

Yesterday morning a whole chunk of emails, several hundred, from mid April until yesterday morning vanished from my inbox in Outlook Express. Earlier emails are still there and subsequent ones have downloaded ok and have not disappeared.

They are not in the deleted items folder and I also checked that view is set to 'show all messages'. I have tried system restore but that has not made any difference. I cannot find them anywhere; does anyone have any suggestions as to what has happened and what I can do to prevent it happening again and where to find them.

I am running win xp with microsoft essentials as virus scanner - I wondered if that has anything to with it?

Finally, quite a few are still on the server, is it possible to force Outlook Express to download them again?

  Woolwell 11:31 25 May 2010

I'm sorry but I cannot help with restoring your e-mails. If they are on the server you should be able to download them again. Download all if I remember correctly but it is long while ago I used OE. System restore does not restore data. MSE is unlikely to have had anything to do with it. Compression of folders or an archive may have.
If you have valuable e-mails it is worthwhile creating a back up of them see click here

  dobbin 12:06 25 May 2010

I'm not too worried about restoring the emails as I can import most of them from another computer. However I would like to get to the bottom of why or how it happened to prevent it happening again. The computer was swithed on and standing idle and it just happened. Back up is a very sensible suggestion and I will work through the directions you gave me when I have time.

  lotvic 20:28 25 May 2010

Simplez, You had too many emails in your Inbox and it corrupted.

Why haven't you made some more folders and sorted them?

Rightclick on Local Folders and choose 'New Folder' and give it a name
repeat for as many other new folders as you need.
Drag and drop emails from your Inbox into the relevant folders
do the same from your Sent Items folder.
or make some 'message rules' and let OE sort them for you.

it should look something like:
Outlook Express
- Local Folders
...Sent Items
...Deleted Items
...Fred 2006
...Fred 2007
...Fred 2008

Also note that OE compacts the messages about every 100 times that you open OE. You should let it do this and not use the pc for anything else until it has completed as it may corrupt the messages.
After it has finished compacting you will notice in your Recylcle Bin there are .bak files from OE, these are the temporary store whilst it has been compacting. They can be deleted as they are now finished with - hence OE has put them in the Bin.

  dobbin 07:20 27 May 2010

Lotvic, I think you are absolutely right, there were several thousand emails in there. I have taken your advice and sorted them out into folders. Had a bit of a problem importing the missing emails from a computer with windows mail on it into Outlook express but got there in the end.

I think I will probably change my email programme to something a bit more robust, probably Outlook, particularly as the next generation of Microsoft free ones is Window live mail which I absolutely hate.

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