Emails scored through and faded

  KNICK 10:01 26 Aug 2008

Hi, I use outlook and the emails from one person I communicate with have had a line drawn through them and faded to grey. I can still read them but wondered what had happened. It's not all of them, just the most recent.

  crosstrainer 18:18 30 Aug 2008

Possible that your friends' ISP has been blacklisted:

click here

Your freind can try the above link to find out.

  KNICK 19:22 30 Aug 2008

Yes- the email is off a website that he did not renew the security certificate on in time, That would explain it wouldn't it?

  crosstrainer 19:24 30 Aug 2008

Possibly, these ISP blacklistings come and go, there is nothing you or your friend can do to change things.

He could, however use a web based email like Hotmail for the time being.

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