Emails from Plaza Neptuno

  tonyjon 12:18 15 Aug 2008

I am steadily receiving emails with the following snail mail address appended
Plaza Neptuno, local #7
Via ricardo J Alfaro, Tumba Muerto
Panama Ciudad
Republica de Panama

Offering upgrades to various programs including a link to "Earth 2008" (No mention of Google), they all end up asking for payment, I have blocked the various domains but they are still sneaking past, I now always delete without opening (thay are at least sent to McAfee Anti Spam folder).

Is this company a problem likely to be 'phishing', I am not even tempted to go the the link which offers to cease the emails.

  Halmer 12:56 15 Aug 2008

Can't you set up a message filter to dump anything with 'Neptuno' in the title or subject etc?

Yep I get these low life sob´s sending me their friendly emails ; like a fool I had been going to the link & requesting a deletion from their impositions . That only confirmed that I was at ´home´- definately will not do that again !
Life may be tough in central america but get off my space , bastards !
Regards , one peaceful older English gentleman .
By the way there is an old Turkish proverb , hit an Englishman once & he will smile , hit him twice & he may still smile but hit him a third time --- watch out !
As previously regards & go in peace .

  whittsat3 21:10 28 Jan 2009

HI Unfortunately I too have become invaded by messages from the suspect mailer.  My service provider could not help, but I had a new Norton Antivirus disc to install so I gave that a try.  One of the emails I received previously then seemed to give more detailed content which was from [email protected] I put this in the rules and alerts as delete when received and I havent had another email today.  My anti virus also told me after a scan today that I had 47 tracker cookies on my laptop, which I then repaired. Hopefully this is now the end of it. I previously had Mcafe on my laptop but this did not detect the tracker cookies.

Hope this helps, give it a try

  Snider Sensable 18:18 17 Apr 2009

Google is responsable for providing personal information to spammers and who knows who else. I get email from Plaza Nepture and others sent with email adresses I use ONLY to specific web sites. I logged on to download Google Earth and started receiving spam that proves Google is providing my email address to others for the purpose of scamming SPAM.

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