Emails not getting through

  chestnutcake 11:24 19 Jan 2010

I am seeking help on behalf of my neighbour. He has his telephone and broadband through Talk Talk and is generally quite satisfied. His problem is that emails are not getting through to his computer. He has a email account. Well, the odd email does get through,ie Martins Money tips comes through weekly but that is all that get through. Obviously when sending emails, if his address had not been input correctly, the sender would get a message from the Mailer Daemon explaining that delivery was not possible. However, I have sent quite a few test emails to him and I have asked others to do the same, but alas, none of these get through.
I cannot think who to contact about this problem. Can anyone help please??

  howard64 12:15 19 Jan 2010

I am also with tt and use hotmail. Does he get his emails direct from hotmail or through another prog. I use hotmail direct and have no trouble.

  chestnutcake 14:29 19 Jan 2010

Hi Howard

Thanks for your response. Neither my neighbour or I can say whether his Hotmail address is through another programme or direct though I suspect it is the latter, ie direct. My neighbour's daughter set it up for him initially and we cannot get in touch with her at present to find out.
It really is a mystery, why should emails from Martins Money Tips get through and no others, cannot think of an explanation.

Anyone else got any ideas please??

  howard64 14:55 19 Jan 2010

they could be going into a junk folder? Try entering hotmail into google then sign in. There are many folders look for one with unopened emails in these appear with a number showing how many are in the folder.

  chestnutcake 15:07 19 Jan 2010

Thanks again Howard. He has looked in the Junk Mail folder but will ask him to try the Google solution later tonight when I get in touch with him.

  howard64 15:15 19 Jan 2010

A thought - if the security level has been set to maximum and when the daughter was setting things up and Martin's email came in she set it to safe maybe everything else is being rejected as unsafe. Try lowering the security levels.

  chestnutcake 15:25 19 Jan 2010

For one thing, neither of us know how to lower the security levels though he will be speaking to his daughter in the near future. However, this is a new situation, he has had hundreds of emails through over the past few years without any difficulty. Later tonight, he will try to access his Hotmail through Google, don't know if this will do the rick. Fingers crossed.

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