Emails keep failing to go through

  ponytail 09:27 13 Sep 2014

My cousins daughter has given me her email address in Australia which is but it never seems to go through.I use Hotmail but do have a gmail account but have not tried sending it on gmail yet any ideas please

  ponytail 09:34 13 Sep 2014

Have just sent it using my gmail account and it seems to have gone through will wait to see if I get a reply.If it has gone through why would it not go through using Hotmail.

  Pineman100 18:29 13 Sep 2014

To the best of my knowledge, all gmail accounts throughout the world look the same:-

"[email protected]"

I don't think you should be adding the ".au" at the end. Try sending an email in this form from your Hotmail account.

  Woolwell 11:54 14 Sep 2014

Pineman100 is correct. You have been using the wrong email address.

  ponytail 12:25 14 Sep 2014

Ok will try that but have gone into my facebook account clicked on messages selected the person then clicked on add photo found a photo I wanted to send and sent it.Is that photo now available for anyone to view or only the person I messaged it to.She has just messaged me back to say she is pleased with the photo which is something.I have about another 15 I want to send

  Woolwell 12:57 14 Sep 2014

Wrong thread - but if it is a message it is only for the person you sent it to.

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