Emails intermittently not being sent or received

  kungfukitty_oz 10:48 21 Jan 2010

Hi! I am using outlook 2007 and for months I have had emails intermittently not send or be received.

Because it only happens some of the time it is really hard to pick. The problem is not due to spam folders etc, as I check them regularly.

I only notice when people's emails don't get to me or apps (like Twitter) tell me that my emails are not working, we try again and then they work fine.

No one ever gets a bounce message.

I have tried contacting my host and they can't find a problem so I am guessing it is an Outlook problem. I have several pop accounts coming in. Is there some way I can test these accounts or reset them?

Thanks :)

  howard64 15:22 21 Jan 2010

I use the actual email prog rather than outlook ie direct to windows live mail for hotmail.

  mgmcc 15:37 21 Jan 2010

If you have mail coming in from several POP3 servers, you can test by sending messages to your own different email addresses. This will test both the sending and receiving of your mail setup.

  kungfukitty_oz 00:51 22 Jan 2010

Yes I have tried sending messages through all the accounts and it works fine. This problem is intermittent which makes it so hard to diagnose.

Any ideas?

I am not sure what you mean howard64 should I set up a separate email program?

Thanks : )

  howard64 09:09 22 Jan 2010

I just use hotmail itself ie type into google hotmail and often the first in the list says 'sign in' which I click on. The beauty of this is that knowing your sign in details you can use any pc anywhere in the world and go direct to your emails.

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