Emails i send not being received

  rsturbo 19:34 15 Jan 2019

I can send and receive emails to my self my email to same my email. When i send to other people they dont receive. They dont even receive if i reply to an email they send to me. I have spoken to isp where my emails are sent thru no issues on server and i have correct settings on my pc (outlook) and iphone. I have my own emails on my domain so its not gmail etc. Completely at a loss now. Any suggestions appreciated

  KEITH 1955 21:33 15 Jan 2019

ask the people who don't get your emails if they have looked on their own server NOT their email program that is on their pc's. I am with BT and their have been lots of occasions where emails have not come to my thunderbird email program but they are on the bt mail server that should be passing them down to my pc.

Have they ever been bounced back to you as undelivered by something called the Damien mailer system.

  rsturbo 22:08 15 Jan 2019

Thanks for reply. I have had a few check on their webmail - nothing there. No not had any bounce backs from anywhere

  lotvic 23:27 15 Jan 2019

I suggest you make a gmail account and see if you can send from your 'own emails on my domain' to your (new) gmail address.

And then send an email from your gmail address to your domain email address and reply back to your gmail.

This may show what's happening (or not happening...)

  Jollyjohn 10:59 16 Jan 2019

is your domain blacklisted?? If it is then your emails to other people may be getting filtered as Junk and depending on the recipients Junk settings may be automatically deleted. To see if you are blacklisted - click here
I agree with Lotvic's suggestion of creating a GMail account.

  Jollyjohn 12:28 16 Jan 2019

Here is something else to try. You say you have a domain therefore you will have a hosting company. Do you use this to send & receive email?? Your ISP will have SMTP settings you could try for outgoing eMails.

( To clarify, I hope, I have a domain hosted by and they handle all my email. My ISP is Plusnet and I have as an outgoing SMTP server but I do not use it on a day to day basis.)

  rsturbo 23:54 20 Jan 2019

Have got blacklist removed. Seems to be ok. Thanks for help.

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