Emails with Attachments won't send

  fadviser 23:25 09 Dec 2013

Emails with photo attachments or inserts take a very long time to send if they go through at all. When sent they still show in Outbox.Windows 7

  AroundAgain 23:59 09 Dec 2013

If you are using Windows Live Mail, then to send pictures, you need to register your ID. If you look along the top, left to right, you should see a box that says something about ID?

I'm sorry, I can't remember what ID I had to use. I actually rarely use WLM, only if I want to send pictures to a particular friend. I remember having to do this before I could email pictures.

Hopefully, just doing that will rectify this issue for you.

  fadviser 20:21 10 Dec 2013

Around Again - Thank you. I think you meant the 'sign in' box. I have previously signed in and ticked the 'remember me box'. However, the email address that was assigned to me wasn't my regular one. I corrected this and my photo appeared in the box as i.d.( I must have provided this a long time ago and forgotten)so that was encouraging. I've tried sending the type of mailing I have problems with to myself and so far things seem better. I guess it's only when I have to send these emails to an outside address that I can say the problem is solved. However, thanks again. Fingers crossed.

  AroundAgain 21:52 10 Dec 2013

Hi Pleased to hear you may have solved your problem. Maybe you would post back once you have confirmed you can send emails with pictures attached so that, if others have a similar problem, this thread may be of help to them too.

Also, do put a 'green tick' alongside the solution as, again, this can identify a possible solution to others.

So, fingers crossed ... ;)

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