Emails are being returned

  3tg 14:21 19 Jul 2003

Some of the emails sent to me and some that I send are being returned. I recently took up Bt's offer of their spam filter and as I understand basically that they filter out unwanted mail, my emails are personal have no commercial content. Could anyone enlighten me why this is happening.

  -pops- 15:05 19 Jul 2003

I can't explain your problem but I can say that I've used the BT spam filter since its inception and found it good and unintrusive. I has never lost any mail and all the mail it stops is checkable on the BT website. I don't think it is able to return mail to the sender or block outgoing mail.

I have noticed recently, though, that it is letting more spam through its filter. This is most likely due to the vastly increased amount circulating these days.


  3tg 15:19 19 Jul 2003

I sent an email to my friend in Hawaii and it was reurned saying it was unable to deliver it, then I sent one via my other email address and it got through OK. I then sent a second email via Bt and it was returned yet again. My friends in Cyprus have written to me by snailmail as their email was returned, so I have just sent an email to Cyprus, I will see what happens. Thanks for replying.

  vinnyT 15:47 19 Jul 2003

Is it poss. to turn off (temp.) the spam filter to see if it is this that is causing the prob.

I use a prog called scanmail which allows you to check what mail you have on the server, if there is any you don't want spam/too large you just delete it before you dload the mail you want. Hope this helps.

  -pops- 15:57 19 Jul 2003

Have you asked BT to explain?

I'm fairly sure there is some reason other than the spam filter.

Do you go to the BT site and check to see just what spam (or other) mail is being stopped?

You can always over-ride the filter and download whatwever you want to - it doesn't delete anything until you give it permission.


  3tg 23:53 19 Jul 2003

Thanks for the replies, I have sent an email to BT, I have not received a reply. I have been to the Bt site and I have had no spams, but then surely my emails and my friend's emails would not be spams. -pops-, how do I over-ride the filter?. Perhaps I should have mentioned that I use Outlook Express, which is probably why I have no spams in the BT email page. I had Norton AntiVirus until yesterday, I paid for the next year £10.50, had it confirmed by email but The Live update says my subscription is out of date. I have tried everything to put it right and gave up, so yesterday I removed it and downloaded AVG.
I'm clutching at straws here, but could Norton have done it ? Cheers

  -pops- 06:33 20 Jul 2003

It was vinnyT that mentioned about turning the filter off. I've no idea how to do this (if, indeed, it is possible).

I have no idea about Norton either except that it's quite commonly the cause of lots of problems (judging by the number of posts here). I do know that Norton doesn't co-exist happily with other A/V systems and one of the common problems is removing it completely to allow another A/V system to be installed.

If your problems began after your Norton fiasco, it may well be the cause of the current email difficulties.

I understand that instructions for complete Norton removal is described on their website but I've no idea where. Perhaps you do a search here to point you in the right direction.

Good luck!!


  powerless 06:42 20 Jul 2003

How to uninstall Norton AntiVirus by using the Rnav2003.exe removal utility click here

  3tg 20:46 21 Jul 2003

Tried that, sorry it hasn't sorted it, thanks anyway. I once again tried emailing my friend in Hawaii via BT and it was returned again. The message is SMTP error from remote mailer after end of data, " host mail xxxxxx (name).com" Due to spam your IP range has been blocked. Being a novice this means not a lot to me, can anyone enlighten me please ?. Cheers

  3tg 20:49 21 Jul 2003

ps, email from Cyprus has not come through either, it was sent this morning and needed a reply so a second one was sent to my other email address, I should add that I have tried sending emails to myself and they did come through. Cheers

  accord 20:55 21 Jul 2003

a note on norton:

my norton internet security (NIS 2003) runs in the back ground and alerts me to spam which i then filter into its own folder in outlook. never had a problem with it or incidentally, been affected by huge amounts of spam, approx 10 per week, and even then its from companies which i have subscribed to.

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