tes 15:11 31 Dec 2008

In my spam folder i am getting emails from myself which I have not sent. I do not open them but I am worried that other peaple are getting them & that they may open them. Is there any way of stopping this?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 15:35 31 Dec 2008

Is there any way of stopping this?

Probably just spam rather that anything malicious.
You are doing the right thing just ignore them and they will stop soon.

  Pineman100 17:13 31 Dec 2008

Have you asked any of the people in your Contacts list whether they've received these emails? That would at least tell you whether your email is being used to send out spam to others.

  bretsky 18:24 31 Dec 2008

I'm getting about 15 a day apparently FROM me TO me, and about 100 spam emails in my Orange junk mail folder-a day.

Just delete them they'll soon get fed up sending them. My spam seems to come and go in waves.

Nobody I know is getting these emails.

bretsky ;0(

  mohawk32 18:34 31 Dec 2008

I sometimes get spam and i find the best way is to block the sender, ie put his name on your blacklist and his messages will be automatically rejected.

One less nuisance to worry about

Finally, i would not worry about it if i was you. I had to wipe and format my hard drive about a month ago because of a virus in my spam mail.
Ah well, live and learn

  tes 07:50 02 Jan 2009

Thanks all

  Enoch 11:16 02 Jan 2009

I contact my ISP regarding Spam, Virus's, etc protection. They inserted protection on my email address which changed my receiving approx 20 emails a day of rubbish emails to no more than 2 a week and most weeks none, for the cost of £25.00 pa

In my book an expense well worth it

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