Les 21:06 23 Aug 2003

My neighbour is using Windows XP Pro version and Microsoft Outlook. He says that whereas he used to bring outlook on to the screen, it listed his emails and, by clicking on one the message used to appear below a line half way down the screen - now - it lits the emails but does not respond to the click. He can bring up a meesage by clicking forward (he says)

Also, he used to have to sign in on switch on, that's dissapeared too - it simply boots up directly on to the desktop.

Any ideas - are the two connected in some way - he swears that he has done nothing to cause this, though I think that this is a possibility!


  Adriangb 21:09 23 Aug 2003


The first item you mention sounds like the preview pane.

in Outlook under the view menu select "Preview Pane".

Cant help with the other.


  krypt1c 21:19 23 Aug 2003

But.... It's risky using preview pane. Some scumbags can install viruses via mail as soon as it's opened.

  Les 22:41 23 Aug 2003

I'll tell him what you have said - I would hope that he opens only mail whose sender is known to him. He would never think of having virus protection - it's no use suggesting that.

You can bet that he's been playing about and won't admit it!

Thanks again and, if he tells me, I'll pass on whether it was successful or not.


  DieSse 23:52 23 Aug 2003

"He would never think of having virus protection - it's no use suggesting that."

Tell him to stay off the net then please, as we don't wish to be exposed to those who may unknowingly have a virus.

"I would hope that he opens only mail whose sender is known to him."

More virusese come from people you know than from people you don't know - after all these are the main ones who will be emailing you!

  Jester2K II 23:55 23 Aug 2003

Have a go at pursuding your friend to get AV.

AVG 6 click here is Free for Home Use.

Its people like him / her that makes these viruses a pain for the rest of us.

I'll bet he / she has at least one.

  Les 07:52 24 Aug 2003

You are, of course correct in your views DieSse and I appreciate your comments. I have tried to get him to take precautions but a brick wall is easier to convince. I have tried to get him interested in computers but he is a user only - not a devotee and he is interested only in what it can do for him. Selfish and irresponsible is a good way to describe him! Frankly, I'm getting more than a little fed up with his attitude, ie:- 'it can never happen to me and, in any case, Les will help if it does'

However,I suppose that, as usual, I will have to download a copy of AVG on his behalf ( Thanks for the link Jester) and fit him up with it. Even then I'm only too sure that he'll be too idle to update it.

Thanks for your replies, they are appreciated


  Les 08:05 24 Aug 2003

That was the German site Jester2K II <g>

I found it the english site easily enough (I had my copy from there) at
click here

Thanks again - no doubt he'll want something else in the future - I'll install it then.


  Jester2K II 10:17 24 Aug 2003

Sorry that was my fault. A mistype meant it was a completely different company - could have been worse!!

Still bet he has at least one virus on his PC.

  DieSse 12:08 24 Aug 2003

Well done for trying - as you say, if you do it for him and set the AV to automatic uodates, perhaps that's the best you can do.

  Les 14:26 24 Aug 2003

Jester 2K II: I wouldn't be surprised if he did have a virus. Needless to say although I have downloaded an excel (VBA) program I have written for his tennis tournaments ( from CD)I wouldn't upload anything from it - how could I be sure that his computer was 'clean'.

Diesse: His way of logging on to the net is through a dialup at so much a minute - so, what's the betting he'll shy away from automatic updating?

Again, thanks both


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