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  keith-236785 11:06 07 Oct 2004


My wifes boss has signed up for a domain name/web hosting package with and we are having trouble getting the e-mail replies to go through. (we want to send an e-mail which has the name of the domain instead of the AOL logon name)eg... [email protected] instead of [email protected]

at the moment she connects to the internet via AOL dialup. the 123-reg helpline tells her to set up an account in outlook express which i dont have a problem with, however i am unsure whether AOL will let us send e-mails from the Outlook Express account through aol.

this is the second setup i have done for hosting packages for people and the first one was simple, this is proving to be more of a challenge.

i am going to visit the person on saturday afternoon to try to sort this out and would welcome any advice. i do not have anything to do with AOL and am a little stuck. things may become clearer when i get there and get my hands on the computer. (at least i hope so) lol

i have trawled the 123-reg site but it just mentions mail forwarding which we have already set up, this comes to the aol account but if we hit reply, thats when the problems start.

any help welcome



  Djohn 11:26 07 Oct 2004

With AOL it is now possible to use outlook or outlook express as your email client, its been this way for some months now and AOL will help you to set up an account, the phone help line is free.

It is also possible to now use AOL as your gateway to the internet by using them as you would with any other ISP with no need to use any of the AOL software. Just use your username and password to make a connection to the internet and then use any browser/email application of your choice.

  feb 11:43 07 Oct 2004

Hi paperman27, go to keyword "imap"

  keith-236785 11:47 07 Oct 2004


thanks for the reply, does this mean that when we try to send an e-mail from the new domain name, it will not have her AOL address in the properties of the e-mail, as she doesnt want to be displaying her personal e-mail address

this is going to be an online service and we must be sure that the e-mail replys come from her domail name.

sorry to be so blunt but it really is imprtant to get this right first time if you know what i mean

i have the pop/smtp details for her domain name setup, is this all i need, just need to setup an account in OE and thats it.

i have three accounts in my personal OE setup but can only send mail from the primary account (ntl) this is why i have asked this question.

thanks again mate

  keith-236785 11:48 07 Oct 2004


thanks, i guess that is a AOL keyword, as such i wont be able to try it till saturday as i dont have AOL

  feb 11:58 07 Oct 2004

Sorry, yes that is an AOL keyword, it will give you all the information you need to set up outlook express

  keith-236785 12:39 07 Oct 2004


  keith-236785 17:42 08 Oct 2004

anyone else any ideas?

  Diemmess 17:56 08 Oct 2004

Since it is not a worry to me staying BB and bog-standard I am a bit out of my depth mentioning this at all!

However, seeing the recommendation of keyword "imap", I have spent a minute or two watching the link of a demo.

It looks worth your own visit, because as Djohn said Aol fascilities can probably sort this problem for you.

  Diemmess 17:58 08 Oct 2004

Sorry about the facility spelling!

  keith-236785 19:02 08 Oct 2004


thanks, dont worry bout the spelling im not too great at it myself, not forgetting that the aol connection on the laptop is dialup, will it be worth while viewing the imap demo?


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