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  charlton200 10:39 06 Jun 2010

My wife would like to send some email photos to her family. We have never sent any before so haven't a clue.
I know that file size is a factor but what is the best way to send photos (appox 50 for now).

Thank you for any advice.

  Kevscar1 11:07 06 Jun 2010

Just click on the paperclip then select photos to attach. try 5 at first and ask recipient how long it takes to download. Then do mulitple e-mails attaching a reasonable number too each.

  Sea Urchin 11:09 06 Jun 2010
  shellship 12:03 06 Jun 2010

Select the pictures she wants to send in My Pictures. Right click and select Send to Mail Recipient. When asked if she wants size of pics reduced say yes. That's it!

  muddypaws 12:17 06 Jun 2010

Or use ShrincPic: click here
Easy to use as when you run it, every time you select a photo to email or to post elsewhere
it will automatically resize.
I use it set to 'medium compression'.
There is an in built tutorial, but is almost unnecesary as it is so simple.

  Technotiger 16:33 06 Jun 2010

To send a batch of 50 pics - Create a New Folder in My Pictures, then put all the pics into that new folder, you can of course rename the folder to suit yourself. When done, right-click on the folder and choose Send to....then click on Compressed (zipped) Folder. The zipped folder will then appear in your My Pictures, you can then create your email and add that zipped folder as an Attachment.

  Taff™ 16:50 06 Jun 2010

Technotiger`s suggestion doesn`t work if the pictures are JPG`s because that format is already compressed. For example if you have 10 photos at 1.3 Mb each which total 13Mb and compress them into a zip folder you would still end up with a zip file over 12Mb (Try it for yourself)

The problem here is that many ISP`s limit attachments at around the 2Mb mark. Other suggestions are perfectly valid to reduce their size and the recipients will be able to view them on screen perfectly well. The only problem they will have is if they want to print them at the original resolution.

You could send them all the files this way and then send a copy at full res of the one`s they want to print or simply burn the lot to disc and send by post!

There are alternative methods of uploading the files to websites and they can be downloaded at full resolution. Post back if you want more info.

  T I M B O 17:23 06 Jun 2010

There is always Pando. Without paying you can send up to 1 gig at a time. Get a batch of piccys 1st, zip them up and send away.

click here

  Technotiger 17:35 06 Jun 2010

So how did I receive such a Folder containing 100 photo's (all .jpg's) from my partner? I have also sent pics this way to my partner, plus - I have just sent myself a folder with half-a-dozen .jpg's exactly as I have suggested above, just to prove it to myself - not that I needed proof! Though a little patience is needed in the 'sending and receiving' of the email.

  Taff™ 18:41 06 Jun 2010

Steady Technotiger!!! The point I made was that JPG`s are already compressed formats and don`t compress by much more even in a zip file. This coupled with the fact that ISP`s have limits on attachments - you`re one of the lucky one`s! They take some time though as you say.

For example BT is 20Mb click here

  Technotiger 19:10 06 Jun 2010

Not getting 'shirty', just stating my own experience :-))

As interest, I am with BT (Option 3), my partner was with NTL World, but I never bother checking sizes and amount 'used', just never had any problems.

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