e.mailing *.jpegs seems impossible?

  panhandle 10:52 02 Nov 2004

I have searched the archive - no luck, so - I want to e.mail photos from My Pictures. Rather than inserting as attchments, I can get around security settings by copying & pasting into a word document and sending from the context menu, or pasting into a new e.mail message.

They just will not go, I get 'send & receive complete' but nothing has gone. I'm talking about just 4MB, 7 or 8 pics.

Running XP pro, Office 2002, Outlook v 6 [not Express]Any ideas please, it must be so simple I'm going to feel stupid.

  iambeavis 10:57 02 Nov 2004

Perhaps you need to reduce the size a bit?

  TomJerry 10:57 02 Nov 2004

When you paste into word, jpeg becomes bmp which would be over 10Mb in size, so very few email systems will let it go through.

The best option is just send as attachment in jpeg format (compressed so small in size).

  panhandle 11:16 02 Nov 2004

Not even a single picture will go. Dialog box shows mail completed - but it has not left the Outbox. Odd.

  stlucia 12:31 02 Nov 2004

Not sure why you want to do this -- is it because some recipients systems block jpegs? If so, a ploy I've used in the past to send .exe files as attachments is to rename them as .001 (or anything meaningless) before attaching them to my email. Then I just have to tell the recipient to rename them back to the original name once they've got them.

  panhandle 12:54 02 Nov 2004

thanks = that works, I tested it to one of my other addresses. Slowish but sending bot OK downloading on Broadband.

  anchor 13:41 02 Nov 2004

Alternatively, make them into a zip file and send that. Won`t reduce the size much, but a zip file should go through.

Remember also that some ISP`s don`t give a mailbox capacity of 4mb. I suggest reducing the size of your pictures before sending, unless you really need that high level of quality. Moreover, if you recipient is not on broadband their receive time will be long.

  Deep Space 14:08 02 Nov 2004


Don't know if it's of any help, but I've found the same, sending attachments that bounce back, I've also found that it is only happening if I send to "Hotmail" addresses, the same size attachment goes to all others I send to

  TomJerry 14:10 02 Nov 2004

maybe you need to change some settings in outlook to enable jpeg attachment. If it is blocked by isp, it normally bunces back emails or delivers emails with attachments striped.

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