emailing excel spreadsheets

  robhawk 18:02 18 Jun 2011

I use Excel (Office) 2010 but its spreadsheets are very big files (.xlsx). Even when I convert them to Office 2003 (.xls files) they are still quite big. Is there any way of making them small files whether using the older 2003 version of Excel or the latest one? This problem is stopping me exchanging spreadsheets with someone in the US.

  wee eddie 04:03 19 Jun 2011

Surely it's the Contents of the Sspreadsheet that make the File, big.

Anyway, what do you mean by big?

  robhawk 10:15 19 Jun 2011

Thank you wee Eddie. The XLXS of the spreadsheet was 45 MB and the XLS version just under 8 MB. The spreadsheet consisted of about 20 columns and 300 rows mainly consisting of names and addresses. Some of the columns are totalled but there are not really many formulae involved. I wondered if one can minimise such spreadsheets by only formatting the cells that are in use. In theory you should be able to do this by selecting just the cells you are using and copying them onto a new spreadsheet so that there is no data in, nor formatting of the blank cells.

Using Office365 has been suggested but I am unwilling to pay the cost.I suppose a compression program like WinZip is the answer and I believe this is free, isn't it?

Thank you everybody for your helpful replies.

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