email wont send help please...thankyou

  bof:) 17:44 15 Aug 2006

Hi all, been at neighbours most of the day trying to scan a letter he wishes to email. Finally got it to scan as .jpg with the help from this site

click here

Having failed to send the attachment via yahoo and msn, we attempted to send the email via Outlook Express and got the following message:

'Outlook Express blocked the following unsafe attachment.'

What is meant by unsafe? Its only a file of a letter that we scanned.


ps now scanning neighbours pc with every antivirus/spyware scanner he has.

Ewido will not work for winMe nor can we get Pandascan or Housecall to scan. Any ideas about any other online virus scanners that work with winME would be greatly appreciated.


  VoG II 18:01 15 Aug 2006

Do you mean that the attachment was blocked at the recipient's end? If so click here

  johnnyrocker 19:08 15 Aug 2006

check security settings and see if there is a tick in 'do not allow attachments' or similar.


  bof:) 19:21 15 Aug 2006

Hi All, VoG™ when we sent the email, it took ages to send but we got a message in a yellow bar saying it had blocked an unsafe attachment. So I think it was blocked my neighbours end.

Ive looked at the link you sent and it seems to be exactly as it says.

johnyrocker, thankyou for your help. I'll checkout the security settings.

Thankyou both again, Mike

  johnnyrocker 19:30 15 Aug 2006

that sounds more like xp is blocking it, try my suggestion.


  bof:) 10:04 16 Aug 2006

johny its winMe, sorry if I didnt mention this. I'll have a look if Vogs doesnt work.

Thankyou again,

  johnnyrocker 10:14 16 Aug 2006

would have helped at the beginning.


  FelixTCat 10:19 16 Aug 2006


It may have been the virus scanner that stopped it. Open the scanner's properties and see if it is set to scan emails before sending. If so, disable this, send the email then re-enable the scanning.



  bof:) 09:32 18 Aug 2006

Hi all, johnyrocker, I did mention it in the link I provided to my first posting about having difficulty scanning the letter my neighbour wanted to send.

Wrongly or rightly I did thing people would have a look at this. But I do take your point, I should have mentioned it again.

FelixTCat, good point about the virus checker, I never gave that a thought.

Anyway, as I've said the email has been sent now, with your help.

Thankyou again,


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