email woes!

  The Sheep 09:25 16 Jan 2003
  The Sheep 09:25 16 Jan 2003

Smal query i was wondering if someone could help me with: I have an email address with NTL. When i send an email to my dad (BT Openworld account) it arrives no problem and he can reply to it. However if he trys to send me an email without it being a reply, it refuses to send, saying the email address cant be found. The email address he has for me is definately correct. Any help on this would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

  Wak 09:36 16 Jan 2003

Ask your Dad to copy and paste your e-mail address from one of your e-mails on to the e-mail he is sending, then you will know that it is definitely correct. He could be leaving out a DOT without realising it.
Just a thought!

  cherria 09:41 16 Jan 2003

Talk to the BT Openworld helpdesk, they have been doing some strange things with their e-mail recently to try to reduce the amount of spam being sent through BT Openworld servers.

  The Sheep 10:24 16 Jan 2003


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