Email for Win 98 user.

  Glen 20:24 05 Nov 2003

I want to help my pal to get back on-line. He is a silver surfer like me. He used to be on-line until his ISP closed down. Now he cannot get back on-line because he has an old machine running Windows 95. My own ISP help line says it cannot support 95 or 98, and can just manage Windows 98SE.
We are looking for a ?pay as you go? ISP for a very occasional user. Can anyone advise a work-around, or a provider who can cater for Win 95.

  beeuuem 20:42 05 Nov 2003

For occasional use Freeuk click here is as good as any - I have it as my 'reserve' ISP. There are no charges other than the cost of a local call.

  beeuuem 20:53 05 Nov 2003

To get on line in order to sign up with Freeuk or whoever you choose you can use this ispclick here to get access to the Internet.

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