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  hawthorn59 14:13 01 May 2005


Recently I have received several emails (usually 2-3 daily) which Norton intercepted. The viruses were in an attachment. Norton deleted most of them, but quarintined 7 of them. I tried to examie them but got a message saying the file was not infected, and when I tried to submit them to Norton was told these were not suitable to submit, but I sent one anyway!

My question is, can i delete them? And can I delete the backups which Norton made of the other deleted emails?

My next question is I have a new laptop with Norton 2005 AV, but I also have Norton System Works 2003. I would like to install this as it has Cleansweep etc. Is it safe to do this now, or should I delete these quarintined viruses first?

My LAST question; is there any way to tell where these emails are coming from? They all appear to come from various different email addresses but look very similiar. Also they each seem to be connected to sites with a common theme - weddings! Perhaps the virus hijacked someones address book, I dont know. Maybe I should post this part as a seperate post..??

Hope its not all too confusing...many thanks!


  Technotiger 14:38 01 May 2005

Hi, your last question first - don't even attempt to find out where they came from, this would probably only lead you to more problems; they come from all over the internet.

I am not familiar with Norton, I personally don't like anything to do with NIS. However, I do believe it should be safe to delete any nasties, with fingers crossed that they don't come back again, as they have a nasty habit of so doing - at least, according to what I have read within this Forum.

If I am wrong about saying Delete, I am sure someone else here will soon correct me.

Finally - Never Never Never open any emails you do not recognise or expect to receive. Delete them first.

Cheers and good luck.

  Number 7 14:49 01 May 2005

You can just delete the e-mails.

The reason Norton says they're not infected is because the virus has been stripped out of the file- there are options in the program to tell it what do if a virus is detected.

From the Help for the Repair Option:

"Automatically eliminates the virus, Trojan horse, or worm and repairs or deletes the infected file. When a virus is found, Repair is always the best choice."

I can't see the point in sending them to Symantec as they already know about this particular virus.

Norton SystemWorks 2003 contains Norton Antivirus 2003.
If you can install SystemWorks without the antivirus component, then it should be okay.

What you don't want to do is end up with both versions of the antivirus (2003 & 2005) on your laptop.

The address in the e-mails may not be where they've actually come from.

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