email virus continues to cause problems ..

  LEGGGGY 17:18 15 May 2010

hi , my partner receieved an email which included an unknown site address link which she just had to click on,, this caused all sorts of problems even tho i run full mcafee software, the worst of it was that it then sent a similar email to everyone in my address book. my pc appears to now run ok and ive put a ? in front of all my email addresses to help safeguard others, however i still get messages telling me emails have been returned as adresses unknown ( due to the ? ) so obviously something is still on my pc trying to send crap to other pc's. i have run several virus scans but nothing found..

any ideas what this could be and is there a bit of software worth downloading that may locate and get rid of whatever it is ??????

  mgmcc 17:42 15 May 2010

Try downloading, installing, updating (definitions) and then running Malwarebytes, if you don't already have it. click here

  LEGGGGY 19:42 15 May 2010

hi,, ive downloaded and ran a full scan and it picked up a wormp2p what ever that is,, hopefully that will be the problem ive had found.


  rdave13 19:51 15 May 2010

Now change your password for your email account.

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